Happy Chicken CSA

with Allard Family Farm 





Farm Stand

One Pasture raised chicken a week from May - October


Members receive 26 chickens over the course of the summer plus 1 free chicken at the end of October (15% discount)


$700/ year

One Pasture raised chicken every other week from May - October


Members will receive 13 chickens over the course of the summer (10% discount)


$400 / Year

Pick up a chicken at The LEAF  farm stand.


Whole  chickens and cuts available for pre-order.


Every Saturday from June - October at The LEAF



Why pasture raised chicken?


In addition to the chickens having a much better quality of life, their environment is considerably cleaner and healthier than that of their grocery store counterparts. This quality of life makes for noticeably happy, active, thriving chickens. They also have a large variety of more natural foods that benefit the nutritional quality of the meat. Pasture raised poultry is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and other antioxidants. These higher numbers aren't insignificant either, Vitamin A is 50% higher in pasture raised chickens as compared to your conventionally raised ones. They also just down right taste better too.

The Lewis Educational Agricultural Farm


65 Blueberry Lane, Southington CT 06489

Mark (860) 919-6127